It was great to travel with your products last year! We always smelled great, and we didn’t get any insect bites! ( In Colombia + Paraguay/ Greece/ Spain/ Italy, and all other places). Since we didn’t get any bites, my boyfriend thought there was no mosquito, and he didn’t put the lotion nor perfume one evening, and he got 26 bites! So it is really working!! As we traveled, many people asked where they can buy, I gave them your website link. - Miho H

You rock I am here at the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Fragrance with Benefits has saved us all - Pam

This is a great citrusy floral that received rave reviews from my friends. It's one of those clean scents that stays with you but isn't too overpowering. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it doubled as a mosquito repellent. Best smelling mosquito repellent I have ever used. - Lori

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Hello, I found your advertisement in a magazine and ordered a sample/coupon of No Mo. I am SOOO glad I did❗️ It is exactly what I was looking for - clean, fresh, and unique! I always wore either Calyx or Clean Original but wanted something to call my own. Love love love it - can't wait for my order to arrive - "Denise" ️

This fragrance is bright, sunny, and full of citrus. It's perfect for summer. It may be the best fragrance I have tried since my Scentbird Subscription began 9 months ago! - Natalie

I work at night and the mosquitos are horrible. I put some of this on and they don't bother me. I plan on buying more of it, as it's going to be a long hot summer in Texas and this stuff works. — Glenda


Ladies, THANK YOU! from Texas. A few weeks before I ordered NOMO, I spent $65.00 on mosquito preps for our bodies and our yard. I have beautiful flower beds, a green yard and 13 acres of grassland around my home. Nothing has really worked. Your fabulous product does!! We love sitting on our terrace in the evening and looking at our starlit skies and now, we can stargaze in peace without swatting, scratching and itching. Absolutely marvelous!!  - Barbara W